Want to become an LPN? Apply for our registered LPN Apprenticeship Program to jump-start your health care career.

Golden View’s LPN Apprenticeship Program consists of 2,000 hours of on-the-job training and 61 credit hours of related instruction. Apprentices will have the unique opportunity to work under a designated mentor and will be trained to competently complete LPN job duties in a Skilled Nursing Facility. Scholarship opportunities are available.

Apprentices will receive pay increases upon completion of program milestones. Following successful completion of this apprenticeship, apprentices may be offered continued employment as an LPN.

The educational component of this apprenticeship is conducted by LNA Health Careers. For LNA Health Careers’ course admission requirements, please refer to their website here


Not ready to commit to an LPN Apprenticeship or still working towards becoming an LNA? Apply for our LPN Pre-apprenticeship Program. Earn and learn as a Caregiver or LNA while preparing to become a registered LPN Apprentice.

Applications for the LPN Apprenticeship or Pre-apprenticeship can be completed through our online Employment Application by clicking here