The importance of staying active for seniors in assisted living

As seniors age, it’s important for them to stay active to help maintain their health and mobility. Physical therapy is a great way for seniors to maintain a more active lifestyle as it can help them retain their independence and increase their strength and balance. It can also help manage long-term illnesses and alleviate pain from arthritis, hypertension and other disorders.

At Golden View Health Care Center’s assisted living options, seniors take advantage of our in-house therapy program where they work with physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy. These therapies can help with managing long-term illnesses, as well as help maintain balance and strength, and can be accessed on a long-term or short-term basis. Not all assisted livings have this added benefit so it is important to inquire about the availability of these services when shopping around.

Physical therapy, which focuses on large muscle movements to increase or maintain muscle tone and endurance, can help improve the abilities of assisted living residents with poor balance or decreased strength. Working with physical therapy can help decrease the risk for falls and allow seniors to keep preforming their daily tasks as independently as possible. Consistent physical activity promotes better blood flow and can increase quality of life by helping to reduce physical pain for many seniors with arthritis, hypertension and similar disorders.

Occupational therapy focuses on fine motor skills and hygiene tasks. Occupational therapists will often help assisted living residents with mobility deficits learn new ways to do their everyday tasks with or without the help of adaptive equipment. Working with occupational therapy can help seniors regain confidence and maintain their independence in a safe way.

Speech therapy can be beneficial to assisted living residents with dementia or who have had a stroke as speech therapists will work with them on safety concerns, language deficits, and other cognitive issues. Speech therapists also play a big part in helping residents who have trouble swallowing or chewing food do so in a safer way.

Some of the benefits of on-site programs such as in Golden View’s assisted living is that seniors can easily access the in-house therapy department for one-on-one therapy sessions in the comfort of their own familiar surroundings with staff employed directly by Golden View. Because therapy is done in-house, seniors and their families don’t have to make and manage appointments or arrange transportation. There’s also the benefit of working with the same therapists each session. Working with a therapist they know and trust can be very important for seniors, and allows for a more individualized plan of care. Because the therapists are in-house, they are able to work with nursing staff, dietary staff and caregivers to create a cohesive plan of care for each resident that focuses on wellness, independence, and safety.

For many assisted living residents, therapy is the best way for them to increase their overall health, strength and balance, decrease their risk of falls, alleviate pain, regain confidence, maintain independence, and much more.

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